No Fault 101

No fault confounds people and for good reason -- it is complicated! Even some car accident lawyers don't understand it fully. This blog will not answer all your questions but may clear things up a bit. The No Fault Act makes Michigan one of the states where, when a car accident occurs, we don't care whose fault it is, as to some things. This means your own insurance has to fix your car. Your own insurance has to pay your medical bills. And you are out of luck as to pain and suffering. EXCEPT, you can collect a "mini tort" that helps pay the insurance deductible on the damage to your car. AND you can get money for pain and suffering, if you sustained death, disfigurement or a serious i

Case Evaluation, Mediation and Arbitration

The courts are very big on Alternative Dispute Resolution, sometimes abbreviated as ADR. The reason for this is simple -- in 2014, there were 95,000 civil cases filed in county circuit courts. There are 83 counties in Michigan. The larger counties have a lot of judges but some of the smaller ones only have one or two. To actually try every case that is filed would require having trials all day every day and would not leave time for the Court's other work, like the myriad criminal cases they also have to handle, appeals from District Court and administrative agencies and hearing motions on pending cases. As I

Some thing you should know about Divorce...

Some things you need to know about divorce… 1. Things may not be as bad as you think. As a guy married for 20 years, with one kid in college and two almost there, let me tell you that the time when you kids are young flies by. Before you know it, they are gone. It is a shame to spend that time fighting. On the other hand, your marriage may not be salvageable. But consider the options before jumping to the conclusion that you need to be divorced. Counseling is always a nice option... 2. Fight! Fight! Not... If you listen to the commercials on the radio and tv, this one will fight for your rights! They will fight for you! Men's rights! Women's rights! One thing they h

So you got a traffic ticket?

From the desk of Ezra Goldman  So you got a traffic ticket?  Don't feel bad - it happens to everyone. The thing about traffic tickets is tha

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