An end to "driving while poor" in Michigan?

When you get a traffic ticket, you get a fine and you have to pay it by a certain date. If you don't pay it, they suspend your drivers license. And then, if you get a ticket driving while suspended, they suspend you more and you could go to jail. I have seen many judges give people 30+ days in jail for driving while suspended. After all, it is an intentional violation of the law. But... What if someone can't pay? What if the ticket was for a seatbelt violation and the options were paying rent or paying that ticket? It has always been unfair to the poor. In a landmark decision a Federal Court last week ordered Michigan to stop this. They can no longer suspend someone who can't pay!

Can I sue?

Some weeks, I get this question daily. It is a well-meaning question but at the same time, a meaningless one. I am not making the parental distinction between "can I go out" and "may I go out." That drives kids nuts and it is pedantic. I wouldn't do that to you. But the truth is that anyone can sue anyone. And if I would just say "yes," that wouldn't be the answer people are looking for. The real question is "would an attorney take my case on a contingency?" And the answer is almost always "no." Lawyers tend to take injury cases based solely on the promise of collecting when they win because there is an insurance company on the other side. Therefore, they can evaluate the case, decide

How can something so terrible be so easy? No Fault Divorce in Michigan

Michigan has a requirement that every Judgment of Divorce must accompany a form called "Record of Divorce or Annulment." It is a one-page form that asks the dates of birth of the parties, where they were born, where they were married, what number divorce this is for them, who got custody of how many kids, and the names of the lawyers. I have asked court personnel about the function of this form and I was told that it is for state statistical record keeping. But I have never been able to research these state statistics to discover how many divorces I have done in these 25 years of practicing law. I am sure I have done hundreds. A comment people frequently make to me on the way out of Court

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