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Ezra Goldman


Ezra Goldman is a native Detroiter. Born in Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, he attended Wayne State University where he graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science and then continued on to Wayne State Law School where he earned his Juris Doctor.


Since 1993, Mr. Goldman has been representing the "little guy," individuals and small businesses who feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the legal world. Supportive and attentive, he makes things easy and his loyal clients refer their friends and family members.


Known for his fair and reasonable disposition, Mr. Goldman serves as a Case Evaluator for the Oakland County District and Circuit Courts where he helps resolve cases early on so the parties can be spared legal expense and headache.


His expertise includes alternate dispute resolution, bankruptcy, civil litigation, criminal law, estates, personal injury, unclaimed property and other areas. And he would be happy to discuss your legal matter with you.

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