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Practice Areas

The following is a partial list of services offered by the office. Please call if you require a service but you do not see it in this list!
Auto Accident / Personal Injury


In Michigan, a car or truck accident gives rise to two potential claims:  One against the other driver for being negligent and one against your own insurance company for your lost wages, medical bills, and certain other expenses.  If you have been in an accident, call us right away!  An insurance company would like nothing better than for you to accept the first offer they give!  Often, you have to sue them to get what is coming to you.  These cases are handled on a contingency fee basis so you have no out of pocket expense!  We are also pleased to help with other personal injury matters including dog bite and slip and fall cases!



Civil Litigaton

This area includes everything that is not criminal litigation, from suing the wedding florist to fighting with an ex-business partner.  Often, an innocent person gets sued for something he didn’t do or couldn’t control.  Sometimes, a person is sued for negligence but is not covered by insurance.  People are sued for unpaid debts and sue others to collect debts.  The Michigan Court Rules are thick and complicated and you can not be expected to handle it on your own.  If you are served with a Summons and Complaint, you will NOT receive a court date!  You must file an Answer to avoid a default!   Call us today to handle your civil matter.





A Misdemeanor is crime for which the maximum penalty is 93 days.  With few exceptions, if the maximum penalty is more than that, it is a Felony.  Being charged with a crime with an eye-popping maximum does not mean you are going to serve all that time in jail!  Having good representation at the outset is essential to minimizing your trouble in general and your jail time in particular.  Often people only seek legal advice after they have made incriminating statements, misbehaved in court, or spoke a little too candidly to a prosecutor, thinking it would help.  Don’t say anything!  Mind what you say on social media!  Don’t make deals with police officers!  Let us help you before it is too late!


Insurance Claims

Flooded basement!  Life insurance disputes!  Not to mention disputes with auto insurance about an accident…  Let us help you resolve your insurance litigation.  Call today!

Traffic Tickets


The Secretary of State allows an adult to have 12 points before they revoke your license.  But that is only part of the story because we are strictly forbidden to drive without insurance.  With each new infraction, the price of insurance goes higher and higher.  If you got a three point ticket with $100 fine, paying a lawyer to negotiate down those points will end up saving you thousands in insurance costs.  Paying the ticket might seem like the easiest way but it is also the most expensive in the long run.   Don’t think that because the officer was correct when he found you to be speeding, you have no defense.  Leave that to us.  Often, we can appear without you on these matters and you won’t even miss work!



Bankruptcy Trustees

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