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Our Firm

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service. So what makes us different from other law firms?


-Your calls are answered within 24 hours, even on the weekend


Everyone hates waiting. We know your case is important to you and may be an emergency. When possible, an attorney will return your call right away.


-We speak English – not Legalese


Many lawyers pride themselves on speaking a language peppered with Latin that no one can understand! We feel it is important that you actually understand your case, how we intend to help you and what steps we are taking.


-We are careful not to waste your time or money


Our long history of representing individuals and small businesses has taught us that no one wants to spend $10.00 in an attempt to save $5.00. If the numbers don’t work for you, they don’t work for us either. When possible, we will tell you at the outset that moving your case forward might cost you more than you stand to gain.


-We want you to be part of our “family!”


We build relationships with our clients. They become our friends and a part of our referral network. Our representation of construction contractors has led to our representing appraisers and mortgage brokers, realtors, civil engineers, etc. Soon, we have friends in this entire industry. Our clients consider us “the family lawyer.” They bring us every legal question and, we know whom to call when someone needs a dentist. Or an appraisal. Or a new deck. Or a new car. You get the idea.


-We welcome your input


99% of jurors are not lawyers. We need to know what YOU think!


-Fight! Fight! Fight! Well, not necessarily


Lawyer's commercial ads on TV and radio often promise that a lawyer will fight!  He will not give up until the end!  This is only attractive to those who have not yet figured out that they are paying by the hour for all this fighting.  The fact is that over 90% of civil and criminal cases are resolved short of trial.  The lawyers do not decide to settle cases -- the clients do.  We will work hard to get you the best result possible.  Sometimes, that will be by fighting a battle to the end.  But sometimes, it will be with negotiating.   Spending $10,000.00 of your money to try to save you $9,000.00 is not called fighting for you -- it is called fighting against you!

Your search for a Southfield attorney needs to go no farther!  Callus at 248-353-2343 today!

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