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Bankruptcy Trustees

We are proud of our work in recovering unscheduled assets for bankruptcy trustees.  Courts all over the country have reopened closed no-asset Chapter 7 cases and hired us as the Trustee's Special Counsel to recover assets.
Here is a list of case where we have successfully recovered funds for payment to the creditors.  We are aware that sometimes a case is so old or complex that it is hard to justify reopening for a few thousand dollars.  We have done this for as little as $4,500.00 and as much as $120,000.00.  Our fees on this sort of thing are usually contingent.  It is not at all a certainty that an effort like this will succeed.  Usually, however, the creditors end up with money and of course the Trustee can charge his fee on funds paid out.
We have done this work in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Florida, Massachusetts and Wisconsin.  
By the time you hear from us, we will have researched your case to make sure that the funds actually belong to this particular debtor and that, if applicable, they are pre-petition.
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