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Traffic tickets

Even the most law abiding citizen will one day see those flashing lights in the rear view mirror.  A ticket is a headache no one needs or wants.  But once it comes, you have to deal with it!

Getting a ticket subjects you to a stack of expenses and inconveniences.  First, there is a fine.  Then, points on your record.  Points on your record mean that your insurance goes up.  For more about the points system, click here:

The question is what to do....

If you do nothing, your drivers license will get suspended.  Not a good option.  If you go and fight the ticket, you will miss work and odds are good that you will loose.  That officer is in that Court very often and spends a lot of time with each judge.  Now, I have seen cases where a judge can't stand a certain officer and thinks he doesn't know what he is doing.  You can't count on that.  Most officers know what they are doing and they present and articulate well.  Most judges like them.  And they are not as personally attached to the story as you are.  It is difficult to be a good advocate for yourself.

There are two main problems with hiring a lawyer:  You still have to miss work for court and, of course, the expense.  As I explain in the video below, I have solved most all of that.  First, as to tickets, you don't have to miss work to meet me.  We can do the entire thing over the phone or by email.  You are welcome to come to my office but if that is difficult, it is fine to resolve this without.  Second, my relationship with most local courts and city attorneys is that you do not have to come to Court.  So, you won't miss work for that either.  And finally, the cost.  Rather than having a one-size-fits-all charge, our charges for tickets depend on how serious the infraction is and where the Court is located.  But regardless, the cost of hiring us to handle your civil infraction is far less than the increase you can expect in your insurance premiums had you gotten the full brunt of your ticket.

How can you not be there?  Because most traffic tickets (and most legal matters of all sorts) are resolved by negotiation.  They are worked out.  We make your best deal and then you pay your fine on the reduced charge.  It is that simple.  Watch the video and call today!

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